About Me

I am a $2^{nd}$ year masters student at UC San Diego.

I completed my bachelors in CSE from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 2019. My undergraduate thesis was titled Greedy Algorithms for Non-Negative Non-Linear Sparse Regression and was advised by Prof. Ajit Rajwade. I also earned a minor degree in Mathematics.

I am learning the bansuri and love listening to Indian Classical Music. I am always on the lookout for compositions and performances new to me. Do message me if you find any amazing performance/concert.

Competitive Programming is one of my new found hobbies. I am just a beginner and am trying to improve. Here are my codechef and codeforces profiles. I also used to solve Project Euler problems, hopefully I will get back to solving them.

I am also enthusiastic about Football, and always up for a game. Edit: Football here means soccer

I used this template to make my website. Follow the instructions. Its very easy.